The  Lion's  Den  Studio Lounge

Our Foundation's name and iconic logo are represented by the "Oliver Tree," surely a play off words of the old olive tree in dedication to Paul J. "Oliver." PAUL HAD A VISION OF SAFELY UPLIFTING OUR YOUTH AND HIS TEAM IS FOCUSED ON DOING JUST THAT. To us, trees are representations of deep rooted, strong, and an unwavering natural tools for any platform needing a solid foundation to stand on. In historic times, the olive tree represented peace, power, wisdom, and glory. In Biblical references, olive branches are represented as symbols of growth and commutative human extension. The green color is a natural representative of Life in its most organic form. In the end, we are all a part of the same cause; we all want what's best for our families and our children's futures to be safe.




1. To provide a light for our youth through positive reinforcement from personal and group mentoring activities within the community.

2. To create public awareness, education, and support medical research and technology focused on contact sports and Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).