"You've set your goal; you've made your plans to reach it.

You've sought advice from those who& you've succeeded, and hired someone to

push you. The hard work begins, but you're ready to quit.

You feel the push and hear the advice, but quitting is louder and pulls harder.

But before you do, close your eyes, bow to your heart, call for it.

Because an athlete;s strongest muscles, is the one that pumps life through its

body, the HEART.

You can tell yourself whatever you want, but if your HEART is not in it, those

words will evaporate. You see, the brain is technical, it can tell you what to do

and even tell you what to feel. But the HEART, the HEART is the one that

feels. The HEART is the one that wakes you up to your dreams. The brain

just convinces you if you are capable or not. But you should know by now, the

HEART is stubborn. It keeps pumping.

So while you are lifting your weights, growing your muscles, realize not one of

those muscles can grow without the strongest one. Attend to it and take care

of it. Call for it and listen to it. Because when you are tired and ready to quit,

IT keeps pumping."




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