Our Mission


Our goal is to raise enough money through our Business Networking Events to launch a permanent therapeutic offshore fishing and diving program in Tampa, Florida beginning in January 2020. The initial program will launch in January 2020 and will host 50 members from each demographic or 150 program attendees total. This therapeutic alternative, in combination with the “Business Networking Events are designed to do the following 5 things:

  1. Provide a therapeutic alternative to coping with mental health issues which incorporates a philosophy of healthy living, environmental conservation, community relationships and continuing education to combat the high suicide rate amongst these groups.

  2. The “Program” will serve as an employment opportunity for anyone would like to employ themselves into a therapeutic environment like that associated with the fishing and diving industries.

  3. Provide employment opportunities or partnership opportunities between these three groups and local businesses.

  4. Provide support through resources and knowledge to make the transition process for all three groups as painless as possible.

  5. Provide a purpose and direction for those might be struggling with life after their high-intensity careers..

Sometimes inspiration in life comes from the most devastating sources. Paul's happy and playful spirit are the same motivational tools we are harnessing through this foundation to reach out to the younger generations who need it. We want to use his story to shine a light on the positive influences he had on all the people who crossed his path. It is our intention to honor Paul's memory, along with the many other athlete's whom have also experienced the same fate, by expanding our branch of kindness. Our network of strong rooted and committed individuals whom have taken a passionate interest in this cause will lay down the foundation of "The Oliver Tree Foundation." Our mission is simply uplifting individuals by identifying overwhelming issues, providing education by facilitating a positive environment that addresses alternative solutions to these issues, the creation of a support and mentoring program with former athletes,  utilizing these support systems to overcome life obstacles, and bringing people together through joint business efforts throughout Georgia and California. It is our goal to expand this program beyond our American soil in the near future.