The Oliver Tree Foundation's Board of Directors governs the work of the Foundation. Our Board shapes the Foundation's direction through its mission, strategy, budget, and key policies; ensures that the leadership, resources, and finances in place match the Foundation's vision; and monitors and improves the performance of the organization. The Foundation Board meets formally three times each year, as well as monthly between the regular meetings as needed to conduct the Foundation's business.

The Oliver Tree Foundation is composed of a very diversified group of individuals working within many different industries. The seven board members that compose our core all share a unique passion to empower and educate the youth and further the research and technology for brain injury and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). 
Jason Boyle | Director of Operations 
Jason was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. where he attended Harrison High school. He played football with Paul from a very young age through his senior year where Paul and Jason were teammates on the 2002-2003 (12-1) Hoya football team. Jason joined the US Navy a few short years after graduating from high school. He has spent the last 10 years as a Navy Diver. He recently finished his 10 years of honorable service with the Navy and now resides in West Palm Beach, Florida where he spends a majority of his time as an avid fisherman.
Chris Burgett | VP | Founder | Digital Marketing 
Chris Burgett was born in Kirkwood, St. Louis, Mo., and raised in North Fulton County, Atlanta, GA. He is the youngest of four siblings. Chris currently resides in Louisville, Kentucky.  "I had the honor of playing against Paul in high school and the privilege to play alongside him at the University of Georgia." Chris and Paul's relationship strengthened as they became roommates while playing football at the University of Georgia. This is where the inspiration came from to start a foundation. "My goal is take what Paul and I envisioned and create something Paul and his family would be proud of. College football happens fast on and off the field. It is a sacrifice mentally and physically.  The idea is to take what we learned on the football field and implement strategies that end up being beneficial for the holistic community. So, this has become my life-long journey in dedication to our shared visions and Paul's legacy. We want to reignite local community and support active healthy living through medical research." 
Andy Elliot | Corporate Sponsorships
Andy Elliot grew up in Kennesaw, Georgia. He is proud to say that Paul Oliver was his best friend growing up. Andy currently resides in Marietta, along with his wife Ashley. "My goal is to raise awareness on the long term effects of head injuries and to fund research that will hopefully help to find a cure for CTE and other diseases linked to head trauma. I also have a passion for mentoring our youth and helping to ensure they have the tools necessary to succeed in life outside of sports, a passion that was shared by Paul."
Nick Fusco | Corporate Partnerships
Nick Fusco was born in Tulsa Oklahoma, but raised in Metro Atlanta, Georgia where he still resides. "I was lucky enough to start playing football with Paul at a young age. We all knew he was special watching him run away from everyone on the field, but I still laugh thinking about the time Paul went striking down the sideline as he took a kickoff to the house one finger in the air as if he was already playing on Sunday afternoons." Nick's position with the foundation is to help secure corporate partnerships, which we hope to grow as TOTF grows through the years. Nick would love to help The Oliver Tree Foundation move from a local on to a national organization. Nick is the youngest of two boys, with all immediate family close by in Metro Atlanta. Nick is currently a Sales Executive for Athena Health. 
Patrick Oliver | Organization Management  
Patrick Oliver is from Kennesaw, Georgia and now resides in Acworth, Georgia. He is the middle of the three Oliver brothers (Price & Paul). "Much like the goals of my brother, Price, the President of the Oliver Tree foundation, my hopes and goals are to make information available to all coaches, parents and players when it comes to the prevention and treatment of a concussion or any other serious brain injury." Patrick's role within the foundation is to ensure that we, as a group, are continuously aligned with our mission statement. In our pursuit to provide a light for our young men and women within the community, he is focused on creating public awareness and education while providing support for medical research and technology focused around the elimination of CTE. 
Price Oliver | President | Foundation Strategy 
Price Oliver was born in Kennesaw, Georgia. Price now resides in Buckhead, Georgia. He is the oldest of the three Oliver brothers (Patrick & Paul). "My hopes and goals as President for this foundation is to help educate young kids and their  parents and their coaches about the serious risk of concussions from contact sports. Price also hopes to create life-long relationship with other foundations to create a national network to propel the topic of brain injury and safety in sports to a national conversation.

Joshua Walker | Community Outreach 
Joshua Walker played at Harrison from 2000-2004 playing running back and defensive back, from there he went to go play football at Cumberland  University. Graduating with an Undergraduate in Exercise Science and a masters in Sports management. Josh pursued his interests and earned an internship as an equipment manager and assistance coach for two years with the Vanderbilt Commodores football team.  Josh currently is certified in American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and manages a health fitness company called the Isudu Sports Group.