The Oliver Tree Foundation was dedicated and established in loving memory of Paul J. Oliver (March 30, 1984 - September 24, 2013). Paul was an inspiring athlete whom left a lasting impact out on the football field. Many individuals looked up to Paul an athlete, however, off the field he was a wonderful and loving family man. When the lights went off on the football field, Paul fell victim to the emptiness that many athletes experience when this occurs. Unfortunately, Paul's inner light went out when the stadium lights went out. Paul devastatingly and unexpectedly took his own life on September 24th, 2013. after medical examination of Paul's brain, we have learned that he was diagnosed with CTE. this gives our foundation confirmation the disease was infecting his ability to think logically and has inspired us to pursue the disease's existence.
We like to look at it as if one of God's angels being called home to bring revelation and light to a looming issue many athletes may be currently experiencing. Paul has left an inspiration for a new and exciting chapter in our lives, the start of something that will add to his memory and lasting legacy. A vision that we    know will change lives and help mold our future generation's.
 Sometimes inspiration in life comes from the most devastating sources. Paul's happy and playful spirit are the same motivational tools we are harnessing through this foundation to reach out to the younger generations who need it. We want to use his story to shine a light on the positive influences he had on all the people who crossed his path. It is our intention to honor Paul's memory, along with the many other athlete's whom have also experienced the same fate, by expanding our branch of kindness. Our network of strong rooted and committed individuals whom have taken a passionate interest in this cause will lay down the foundation of "The Oliver Tree Foundation." Our mission is simply uplifting individuals by identifying overwhelming issues, providing education by facilitating a positive environment that addresses alternative solutions to these issues, the creation of a support and mentoring program with former athletes,  utilizing these support systems to overcome life obstacles, and bringing people together through joint business efforts throughout Georgia and California. It is our goal to expand this program beyond our American soil in the near future.


In this lifetime, the oliver tree foundation believes one is measured by just a few key components. one is measured by their time spent on servicing others within the community, the amount of time one invests in inspiring others to never lose hope and always keep dreaming, and LASTLY, the amount of time one spends glorifying all the beautiful elements naturally provided. We believe in educating the future generation and taking the lessons we have learned and "paying it forward."

Our community based projects will incorporate creative ways to influence our youth in a positive light. we will teach them how to handle let downs, sadness, depression, and how to deal with anger. we are going to teach them the value of life, how to identify negative influences, and positive ways to redirect the energy towards new more meaningful outcomes.
Healthy lifestyle habits: including healthy eating and physical activity, can lower the risk of becoming obese and developing related diseases down the road. Children and adolescents who are obese are at greater risk for bone and joint problems, sleep apnea, and social and psychological problems such as stigmatization and poor self-esteem. 
The oliver tree foundation is passionate about eating clean, exercising, and participating in stress-relieving activities to lower the chances of unhealthy risk factors. Our community events are dedicated towards youth and family activities to get everybody involved.